Identify & optimize cost drivers. 

Tset delivers fast and deterministic insights of how changes in design influence the product cost and carbon footprint in the early phase, thereby enabling the immediate identification of potential optimization.

You can benefit from:

Create calculations five times faster. 

AI-algorithms support bottom-up calculations in seconds, ensuring faster and consistent calculation creation.

Increased data management efficiency

Tset simplifies your organization's processes and methodologies, providing easy access to a centralized knowledge base and collaboration platform.

Reduced IT complexity and costs

Accessible software solution for all competence levels - ensuring one single source of truth on the cloud.

Don’t just take our word for it.

World-leading players of the manufacturing industry already rely on Tset.

Sustainability and digitalization are important levers and focal points for the ZF Group. We rely on Tset because it is a modern solution that offers us efficiency gains and transparency in the RfQ phase.
Dr. René Deist
Senior Vice President Internal Digitalization
As a tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, we are under constant cost pressure and face new challenges in terms of sustainability metrics. Tset enables us to meet these requirements with a high level of automation.
Sven-Uwe Erber
Global Head of Purchasing and Supplier Quality
We use Tset to assess the carbon footprint of our entire product portfolio–starting with our high-performance products in the automotive market, where the pressure is greatest.
Mihai Vidrean
Team Lead Engineering Services

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How exactly does Tset work?

Our enterprise cloud-solution for Product Cost and Carbon Management combines data-driven algorithms and hands-on industry knowledge, saving cost and carbon in just five simple steps:

01 Define

02 Create

03 Analyze

04 Adjust

05 Collaborate

Describe your components by entering just a few parameters and select a shape to create calculations within minutes by using automated algorithms or by uploading your own 3D model.

An analysis of all cost & carbon drivers will be calculated based on AI algorithms and an internal knowledge base. Get a rough estimate for cost & carbon, or explore the fine details with just a click.

Instant data-driven calculations give you a detailed analysis of all cost & carbon drivers, helping you understand the dynamics between technical requirements, commercial constraints and sustainability targets over your whole product range.

Gain greater transparency and identify potentials by creating scenarios and comparing results with ease, e.g. comparison of supplier breakdown, currency changes, quantity units etc.

The central knowledge base for cost and CO₂ information aids in uncovering optimization opportunities among various departments, allowing simple action through direct communication via the tool.

The main challenges you face.

Tset boldly faces these challenges with its unique combination of industry know-how and innovative software solutions.


Delayed cost and CO₂ analysis due to missing resources.

Without the right capacities in place, it can be difficult to accurately assess the impact of design on cost and sustainability.


Impact of design on product sustainability is not measured

Without a comprehensive solution in place, it is difficult to assess the environmental impact of your products and make informed decisions.


Collaboration between different departments

Each department using different tools and systems leads to inaccurate data, high error rates and a lack of transparency. Without a streamlined system in place, effective collaboration becomes impossible.

Data driven calculation modules

Algorithms based on AI, geometric analysis and heuristic enable faster and more consistent calculation creation.

01 Automated calculations based on the user input

02 Detailed Cost/CO₂ breakdown

03 Interactively adjust calculations

Describe your component
 with less than 6 parameters.

Calculate based on AI algorithms and internal knowledge base.

Get transparency & identify potentials (e.g. comparison supplier breakdown).

 data packages

  • 11.600 Material data points
  • 5.000 machines with invest, depreciation time, space, and energy / maintenance / consumable rate
  • 147 manufacturing technologies
  • 760 regions worldwide with wages, labor cost and shift burdens, interest, space cost, electricity cost etc.
  • Overhead best-practices, currencies & more

The first cloud native product cost and carbon footprint management tool

The Tset software is powered by state-of-the-art algorithms and an extensive data library–comprising both industry data and primary data from suppliers. With just a few parameters, the Tset Engine automatically creates virtual process chains in the background and derives detailed, editable results: for both cost and carbon.

User facing — web-browser modern UX

Tset runs in the browser enabling modern UX and easy setup for end user.

Tset Cloud
Client system landscape

How can Tset help? 

From fast, reliable calculations to expert realization support - we cover it all. Tset makes reducing cost and carbon a reality.

70 + employees: mainly cost specialists and developers

We have a highly experienced team, the know-how and technology you need to solve your challenges.

State-of-the-art development framework

Tset users are regularly informed of how they will benefit from highly innovative new features and performance updates.

Symbiosis of software and cost engineering consulting

Our customer success and cost engineering consulting departments are there to optimally integrate Tset within your environment.

Industry leader customers drive our roadmap

Tailored features to perfectly match your needs - in close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly working on the expansion of further features.

Instant-on enterprise cloud solution 

Tset is a cloud-native Saas offering, providing instant-on experience with access from anywhere. No installations, license files, patches or the like.

Tset as the single source of truth

You get effective collaboration within R&D, procurement, sales, controlling and sustainability - accessible for everyone in the cloud.

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