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With our enterprise SaaS solution, we empower the manufacturing industry to create sustainable products for the future. By providing actionable insights into cost and CO₂ simulations at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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How exactly does Tset work?

Our enterprise cloud-solution for Product Cost and Carbon Management combines data-driven algorithms and hands-on industry knowledge, saving cost and carbon in just five simple steps:

01 Define

02 Create

03 Analyze

04 Adjust

05 Collaborate

Describe your components by entering just a few parameters and select a shape to create calculations within minutes by using automated algorithms or by uploading your own 3D model.

An analysis of all cost & carbon drivers will be calculated based on AI algorithms and an internal knowledge base. Get a rough estimate for cost & carbon, or explore the fine details with just a click.

Instant data-driven calculations give you a detailed analysis of all cost & carbon drivers, helping you understand the dynamics between technical requirements, commercial constraints and sustainability targets over your entire product range.

Gain greater transparency and identify potentials by creating scenarios and comparing results with ease, e.g. comparison of supplier breakdown, currency changes, quantity units etc.

The central knowledge base for Cost and CO₂ information aids in uncovering optimization opportunities among various departments, allowing simple action through direct communication via the tool.

Tset for cost & carbon calculation adds value along the whole product life cycle. 

With Tset you gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to drive sustainability and profitability, not just in the early stage but throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Target costing and quotation

Tset fosters standardized processes and methodologies and creates a central knowledge base, thereby increasing the speed of target cost and quote creation fivefold.

Design-to-cost & carbon

Tset provides immediate insights on how design can change the impact of product cost and carbon footprint thus empowering data-driven decisions.

Should costing

Making data-driven decisions and improve negotiating power by providing valuable insight into your cost structures.

Product carbon footprint

Costs and CO₂ emissions are analysed together in each calculation, so that optimization can easily occur throughout the entire product-lifecycle.

Why customers choose Tset.

Looking for more reasons to choose Tset? Discover in a short Tset Demo how we can help you streamline your processes, boost productivity, and save cost and carbon. Feel free to reach out to experience the power of Tset for yourself.

Instant-on enterprise cloud solution 

Maintenance free product cost and carbon footprint optimization and management experience for a lower total cost of ownership.

Extendable through APIs

A rich API economy allows you an easy integration of the Tset product cost & carbon footprint software into your IT landscape such as ERP, PLM, or other software systems.

Simple & intuitive user experience (UX)

A clean and self-explanatory user interface makes Tset as simple and intuitive to use - as no other cost and carbon footprint management solution.

Automated calculation workflow

More than 50 process and technology data-driven calculation modules which are based on hands-on industry knowledge and have been validated by partners and customers.

Comprehensive library of 1.000+ templates

A broad variety of process steps for various technologies in our master database which results in fast calculation.

Symbiosis of software and cost engineering consulting

Our expertised customer success and cost engineering consulting departments support you to perfectly integrate the Tset software into your existing processes.

Customizable landscape

Out of the box provided software development kits (SDK) for customization purposes, enabling you to extend Tset with your own use cases.

Knowledge base and standardized methodology

Standardized processes and methodology to create a central knowledge base. For a five times faster target cost and quote creation.

Advanced data management

The Tset database is prefilled and ready to use with up-to-date reference data such as material prices, machines and labor rates. It can be easily extended with your own data.

CO₂ coupled with cost

Tset calculation always delivers cost & CO₂ , enabling the organization to couple both activities.

Modern user interface

Browser-based and zero-install client which requires no attention and support of your IT department.

End-to-end approach

Which covers the entire product lifecycle from conception and design to sourcing until end of production. With a special focus on the early stages.

Don’t just take our word for it.

World-leading players of the manufacturing industry already rely on Tset.

Sustainability and digitalization are important levers and focal points for the ZF Group. We rely on Tset because it is a modern solution that offers us efficiency gains and transparency in the RfQ phase.
Dr. René Deist
Senior Vice President Internal Digitalization
As a tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, we are under constant cost pressure and face new challenges in terms of sustainability metrics. Tset enables us to meet these requirements with a high level of automation.
Sven-Uwe Erber
Global Head of Purchasing and Supplier Quality
We use Tset to assess the carbon footprint of our entire product portfolio–starting with our high-performance products in the automotive market, where the pressure is greatest.
Mihai Vidrean
Team Lead Engineering Services


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Measure tracking for even more savings.

Not only, automated product cost and CO2 calculations are key to save costs. For sustainable savings, it is important to track and adjust the defined measures constantly.


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