5 steps to reduce costs & carbon

Curious to find out how you can make more savings in just 5 simple steps? Discover how our software works with the help of our clear explanatory video. In just a few minutes, you will gain a comprehensive insight into how our cloud-based solution helps you to efficiently manage product costs and your carbon footprint.

How our software impacts your business

We are dedicated to transform cost & carbon management across the manufacturing industry, addressing the full spectrum of the product life cycle for enhanced sustainability and efficiency.

+15 %

Up to 15% of efficiency gain throughout your entire supply chain by using Tset software.


Eliminate your bottlenecks in cost engineering. Ten times faster cost calculation with Tset.

How exactly does Tset work?

Our enterprise cloud-solution for Product Cost and Carbon Management combines data-driven algorithms and hands-on industry knowledge, saving cost and carbon in just five simple steps:

01 Define

02 Create

03 Analyze

04 Adjust

05 Collaborate

Describe your components by entering just a few parameters and select a shape to create calculations within minutes by using automated algorithms or by uploading your own 3D model.

An analysis of all cost & carbon drivers will be calculated based on AI algorithms and an internal knowledge base. Get a rough estimate for cost & carbon, or explore the fine details with just a click.

Instant data-driven calculations give you a detailed analysis of all cost & carbon drivers, helping you understand the dynamics between technical requirements, commercial constraints and sustainability targets over your entire product range.

Gain greater transparency and identify potentials by creating scenarios and comparing results with ease, e.g. comparison of supplier breakdown, currency changes, quantity units etc.

The central knowledge base for Cost and CO₂ information aids in uncovering optimization opportunities among various departments, allowing simple action through direct communication via the tool.

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